Q: There are many MT4 programmers out there. What should I look for before hiring one of them?

A: No doubt that hiring an MT4 programmer is a tough decision. Several weeks, months even years behind your trading strategy and now it is the moment of hiring an MT4 programmer to automate all your hard work. Here are some tips that will help you to take the right choice:

– Search for the internet presence of the MT4 programmer: type the name of the MQL4 programmer in your preferred internet searcher (e.g.: Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) and take a look at reviews and feedbacks related to the MT4 programmer. This will allow you to evaluate his/her reputation, the credited amount of years he/she has been related to MQL4 programming or any other service being offered.

– Check if the MT4 programmer speaks your language: good communication is key to the success of an MQL4 programming project. No matter how well detailed is your project or how skilled is the MT4 programmer, if both customer and programmer are not able to communicate properly each other, it will be difficult to get a job successfully completed. Moreover, solving an issue in the program or trying to modify or add new features will be extremely hard and probably at the end, the program will not satisfy your expectations. Doing some questions about the project and its implementation will give you a better vision about communication skills of the MT4 programmer and will help you to decide if it is worth to move forward with him/her.

– Take care of your payments: ask the MT4 programmer about what is the payment method he/she uses. Avoid paying using unreliable payment gateways or giving your payment information to unsecured websites.

– Look for actions, not just talks: doubt about those MT4 programmers who acclaim developing the cheapest and best MT4 programs with nothing to prove it. Take your time to investigate more about their background and previous jobs before moving up to the next step.

– Start with a small project: if you have not previously work with an MT4 programmer and you want to try his/her service, the best way to verify the quality of the MQL4 programmer is by awarding him/her a small job. This could be a simple Expert Advisor, an Indicator or any other tool that doesn’t compromise your intellectual property and has a small-medium budget to be assigned. Thus, you will be able to check by yourself how much time takes to develop the job, if the MT4 programmer fulfills the agreed deadline, if the communication is good, among other important things. Summarizing, you could verify if the MT4 programmer is trustworthy and if you can give him/her your ideas, your time and your money.

Q: I want to hire a programmer to develop my MT4 Expert Advisor but I find a lot of related programmers: MT4 programmers, MQL4 programmers, MetaTrader programmers, Expert Advisors programmers and so on. So which of these programmers do I need to hire?

A: Certainly there are many ways to label the programmers related to the development of Expert Advisors, Indicators and other tools for MT4 and MT5. Such a number of classifications can confuse those who like you seek to hire these programming services. As you mentioned it can be found several labels for similar jobs (e.g.: MT4 programmers, MQL4 programmers, MetaTrader programmers and MQL programmers) but there are also many people looking in the web for: EA programmers, Forex programmers and FX programmers. Also for more specific names like: Indicators programmers, Script programmers, MT4 EA programmers or Forex EA programmers. And even more elaborated labels like: MT4 coders or MT4 developers.

All of the above are related to programming services for MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 but there are small differences among their approaches that can be helpful when looking for these kind of skills. Below we explain the definition of some of the main concepts to help distinguish among them.

MT4 programmers: MT4 stands for MetaTrader 4 so ‘MT4 programmers‘ refers to those developers specializing in MetaTrader 4 programs. The same explains ‘MT5 programmers’ definition but in this case it refers to MetaTrader 5. (Notice that both MT4 and MT5 belong to the same MetaTrader family but they are different platforms). ‘MetaTrader programmers’ is a similar label but without specifying the type of MetaTrader (4 or 5).

MQL4 programmers: it is a concept very similar to ‘MT4 programmers‘ but it refers to the programming language instead of the platform. MQL4 stands for ‘MetaQuotes Language 4’ and it’s the programming language used to develop programs for MT4 platform. In a nutshell: MT4 refers to MetaTrader 4 platform and MQL4 to the code understood by MT4 platform. This is also valid for ‘MQL5 programmers’ label but referring to MetaTrader 5. (Note that both MQL4 and MQL5 are related but they are different programming languages and work for different platforms). ‘MQL programmers’ is a similar name but it does not specify the type of programming language (4 or 5).

EA programmers: EA stands for Expert Advisors commonly called trading robots. Expert Advisors or EA are programs developed for both MT4 and MT5. Basically they are designed to trade automatically based on rules defined by the trader. Considering this, ‘EA programmers’ emphasizes the skill of developing Expert Advisors more than any other. In summary, looking for ‘EA programmers’ or ‘Expert Advisor programmers’ means to look for a specific profile oriented to the development of Expert Advisors or trading robots. ‘Indicators programmers’ or ‘Script programmers’ are similar definitions but they refer to other highly demanded MT4 programs: Indicators and Scripts.

… more interesting topics coming very soon!

Entrust It To a Serious Team

If you are looking for here you have a team of professional coders to help to automate your trading strategies.

Several years of experience dedicated to MT5 and MT4 programming guarantee you to get an MQL4 Expert Advisor (EA), an Indicator or a Script according to your expectations.

We recommend you to start checking our ‘Reviews’ section, so you can get a general idea of the level of customer satisfaction. Note that those are real testimonials and even you will be able to post any comment there as long as you do not use an improper language and your opinion be related to our work.

More than 7 years of trading and about 6 years devoted to MetaTrader programming have allowed us to see countless strategies and to develop hundreds of MT4 Expert Advisors (EA), Indicators and Scripts.

Do you have a trading idea that you think may be profitable? Are you trading manually your profitable strategy on any trading platform and would you like to automate it? Do you want to convert your trading strategies from any other platform (ex. TradeStation, NinjaTrader) to MetaTrader or vice versa? Do you want to fix any MQL file or do you need to finish an incomplete MT5 or MT4 job?

For all the cases above, we are the solution. More than 7 years of trading and about 6 years devoted to MetaTrader programming have allowed us to see countless strategies and to develop hundreds of MT4 EA, Indicators and Scripts.

We guarantee a job with the highest quality and within the agreed time.

In the following official MetaTrader links, you can download two of our most popular programs, downloaded and used by thousands of users worldwide:

These public works can give you a perspective on our way and style of programming. In our work we do a lot of emphasis on aspects such as robustness, stability and performance. Moreover, we have experience in C and C++ programming although for the last 4 years we have been completely focused on MQL5 and MQL4 language.

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You have nothing to worry about confidentiality. We have no problem to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). But even if no agreement we will not publish any work done for you. The works we develop for others belong to others.

We guarantee a job with the highest quality and within the agreed time, and in return we only require good communication and a project description as detailed as possible. We think that good communication is a must.

Don’t abandon your project without consulting our team of highly skilled MT5 and MT4 programmers. It’s easy. Simply go to our ‘Free quote’ section, enter the details of your project, attach any file that you consider necessary to complete the work, and click on the ‘Submit’ button to send us all the info. We warrant that in less than 24 hours you will receive a response from us. If don’t, you will be entitled to get your project for free.

Looking forward to evaluate your project.

All the best in your trading adventure.

B. Armenteros & Support Team


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