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What programming language does MT4 use?

MT4 uses the programming language MetaQuotes Language 4 (MQL4). Learning MQL4 is necessary to develop Expert Advisors (EAs), automated trading robots, financial market indicators, and other Forex trading tools for MetaTrader 4 (MT4). You can learn more about MT4 programming language in this post: What are MQL4 and MQL5?

What is MQL4?

MQL4 stands for MetaQuotes Language 4, which is the programming language used to develop the programs supported by MetaTrader 4 platform. The number at the end of MQL specifies the version of MetaTrader terminal related to it. So, if you need to build an Expert Advisor (EA) for MT4 then you must develop it using MQL4, and if you need an EA for MT5 then you must use MQL5.

What is MQL4 programming?

MQL4 programming is the process of developing algorithmic software in the programming language MetaQuotes Language 4. These tasks are carried out by professionals specialized in MetaTrader 4 and who are commonly called MQL4 programmers.

What does an MT4 programmer do?

In a nutshell, MT4 programmers are software developers specialized in the design, creation, and modification of programs in the MQL4 language. These programs can range from a basic indicator to a complex robot or Expert Advisor (EA), which would serve to analyze and trade the currency market (FOREX) through the MetaTrader trading platform.

Why do I need to hire MT4 programming services?

Automate a forex trading strategy, visualize patterns and trends in a chart, develop robots or Expert Advisors, add alerts to an indicator, or modify programs developed by other coders. These are some of the tasks that will require the services of MT4 programmers.

How to find a good MT4 programmer?

Finding a good MT4 coder is not an easy task. You must do at least a little research on the web to make sure that the MT4 programmer has experience, prestige and, of course, the desired skills. In this post, we offer you several tips that you should consider before hiring their services.

Which type of programmer do I need: MT4, MQL4, Forex, or EA programmer?

Yes, we recognize that there are many terminologies and these can get confusing. That's why we created this post to help distinguish the different types of MT4 programmers.

What is an Expert Advisor (EA)?

Also called forex robot, the EA is a program developed to trade autonomously in MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5). In general, the EAs are designed to operate the forex market in a similar way as a professional trader would. That is, continuously monitoring the market for certain chart patterns and conditions and, once these are identified, opening and closing trading operations. Learn more about Expert Advisor EA programming.

What is a MetaTrader 4 platform?

MetaTrader 4 is the most popular Forex trading platform in the world. Also known as MT4, it is a free program that is used mostly in desktop computers, although it also has simpler versions to be used in mobile devices. Most major brokers offer it among their options to operate the Forex market. Moreover, there are countless Indicators, Expert Advisors (robots), and other programs designed for MetaTrader 4. And it is very easy to find MT4 programmers capable of developing more personalized tools.

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