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What does an MT4 programmer do?

In a nutshell, MT4 programmers are software developers specialized in the design, creation, and modification of programs in the MQL4 language. These programs can range from a basic indicator to a complex robot or Expert Advisor (EA), which would serve to analyze and trade the currency market (FOREX) through the MetaTrader trading platform.

Why do I need to hire MT4 programming services?

Automate a forex trading strategy, visualize patterns and trends in a chart, develop robots or Expert Advisors, add alerts to an indicator, or modify programs developed by other coders. These are some of the tasks that will require the services of MT4 programmers.

I’ve been scammed before by an MT4 programmer. What can I do to avoid being cheated again?

If it's any consolation, practically everyone has had some bad experience with an MT4 programmer at some time. However, there are certain precautions that you can take into account to avoid making mistakes again. You can take a look at the post 'Tips to hire a MT4 programmer'. There we give several advises on this matter.

Is an MT4 programmer the same as a MQL4 programmer?

Yes, both denominations refer to the same type of programmer. In both cases, they refer to a coder who develops programs for the MetaTrader trading platform. In fact, other terminologies also exist such as EA programmers and Forex programmers. To clarify this more in detail, we have written the article 'Different types of MT4 programmers'.

How much does MT4 programmers make?

There is not an exact figure on this. The income of an MT4 programmer varies depending on several factors. One of them is if the MetaTrader programmer works individually or for a company. It also influences their level of skills and experience. In many cases, MT4 programmers are not exclusively dedicated to developing programs for MetaTrader. Instead, they use MT4 programming as a complement to another main job. This makes it even more difficult to determine how much of their income belongs to the performance as an MT4 programmer.

How many hours a week do MT4 programmers work?

Theoretically, MT4 programmers work about 40 hours per week. However, reality says that an MT4 programmer can reach on average 60 hours per week. Even in extreme cases, an MT4 programmer can work up to 80 hours per week. New technologies make it easier for MT4 programming to be done from anywhere with an available terminal. So MT4 programmers often work remotely, sometimes from their own home. This means that the time dedicated to work and personal life cannot be clearly distinguished.

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